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Dr Mel Siff Talks Core Training Mythology Resources

11th March 2010
Some very active coach sent me this letter and requested to remain anonymous for the mean time because he does not wish the discussion to be tainted by focus on who he is and who he trains, rather than what the problem is. For a start, please sea... Read >

Core Training Cognitive Dissonance by Mel Siff

11th March 2010
Now that more and more scientific evidence is emerging to show that deliberate attempts to activate transversus abdominis, to "suck in the abs" or to use various related tricks to enhance "core stability", balance and strength, it is i... Read >

Stretching Facts and Fallacies of Fitness Part 2

03rd March 2010
Static flexibility is generally not associated with dynamic production of strength and constitutes only the one aspect of functionality. Unfortunately, most articles and books stress the safety of static stretching, thereby deterring instructors and coach... Read >

Stretching Facts and Fallacies of Fitness Part 1

03rd March 2010
Research and experience have established beyond a shadow of doubt that flexibility is an essential component of all sporting fitness. Most training programmes begin with a warmup and stretching phase before progressing to the main training exercises. Stre... Read >

Supertraining Strength Training for Sporting Excellence

03rd March 2010
The great strides made in sport during the past few decades are a major tribute to the practical application of exercise science and systematic training. In keeping with the Olympic motto, the human being today is definitely stronger and faster. Plateaus ... Read >

Dr Mel Siff Discusses Kettlebells

23rd February 2010
This is an exchange between Dr Mel Siff and a member of the Supertraining Yahoogroup. A member wrote: Dr Siff, the information on the kettlebell training was informative. Many of the studies and techniques can be found in Pavel Tsatsouline's 'The Russi... Read >

Optimal Hypertrophy for Sports Supertraining Extract

10th August 2009
Mel Siff talks hypertrophy in this extract from his textbook Supertraining, as taken from - of which the best posts are listed at HYPERTROPHY & STRENGTH OPTIMUM, NOT MAXIMUM, HYPERTROPHY In... Read >

Summary of Gordon Ramsay Cooking for Friends Cookbook

07th August 2009
Cooking for Friends is for me one of Gordon ramsay's best cookbooks. A wide variety of recipes to suit every palate and cooking ability, it really is a great investment. The book is also beautifully put together with amazing photos that will make your mou... Read >

Busting Stretching Myths

03rd August 2009
Dr Mel Siff in his usual style, addresses a number of myths about stretching in this great post from the Supertrainig Mailing List - here is the question that brought his response In keeping with this discussion I recently found an excellent literature... Read >

Mel Siff Talks How to Distinguish Facts From Fallacies

28th June 2009
Here is a post that EVERYONE should read by the late and great Mel Siff, as found at - which is an extract from his amazing book Facts and Fallacies of Fitness - highlights of which can be found at www.m... Read >

Mel Siff Talks Repetitions and Resistance Training Extract from Supertraining

27th June 2009
Dr Mel Siff discusses some resistance training fundementals, as taken from his yahoo group at, the best of which can be also seen at This is an extract from his landmark textbook - Supe... Read >

Mel Siff Defining Different Muscle Actions and Contractions

23rd June 2009
Now and again list members ask for some basic definitions that are used regularly in strength and fitness training. Here is a collection of these on the different classes of muscle action from my "Supertraining" book ------------ Types of Muscle ... Read >

Dr Mel Siff on Transversus Abdominus Core Training Part 2

22nd June 2009
ABS, TRANSVERSUS & SQUATSDr Mel SiffAn article in a popular bodybuilding magazine stated:“Inhale and suck in your stomach to activate the transverse abdominis, whichis your body’s natural weightlifting belt. If you learn to use it properly... Read >